Which Board should I choose for my Holiday?

When booking a holiday many people get asked if they would like to book full board, half board or self-catering.

Self-catering has the cheapest upfront cost as you normally only get your accommodation included in the price. Many young people also tend to choose this option as the low price is quite attractive. But is it more cost-effective to go full board on holiday?

This certainly depends on what you intend to do.  If you enjoy staying on the resort by the pool, eating in their restaurants and drinking at their bar then full board is the best option for you. It may be more expensive but often the amount that you save on food and drink more than covers the initial cost.

If you like to spend some time in the resort but also like to visit local tourist sites during the day then half board would probably suit your needs better. This normally includes breakfast and evening meals but leaves you free to go elsewhere for your lunch.