UK Travel News

Travel restrictions are currently still quite strict with the closest small easement being May 17th. A new ‘traffic light’ system will be in place for any travel abroad this year which will list countries either green, amber or red, dependent on their current COVID situation and their handling of COVID safety measures. Once travel abroad is allowed for leisure, the current rules are that even for ‘greenlight’ countries, those returning will have to pay for and take a PCR COVID test. This test cost £125-£200 currently, with many calling for this price to be reduced.

Travel firms are particularly concerned and calling for a price reduction in the PCR test as it will most likely be quite a barrier for travellers, particularly families who will have to pay for multiple PCR tests. It is hoped the price could be brought down to £30-£60 per test. All travel restriction plans and systems are subject to change, as the government watches number in the UK and other countries.