Tips for making the leap to going backpacking

If your Facebook news feed is anything like mine, it is probably overrun by pictures of your friends and acquaintances from crazy backpacking trips in Europe, in Asia, in South America. Looking at those pictures from our sometimes grim perspectives of everyday life surely makes us long for such adventures ourselves, but how do we make that leap of faith and actually go backpacking?

Well, number one could be the obvious – buying an actual backpack. Sometimes, if it is an option, the best way to start an adventure is to do it spontaneously, so book your ticket, pack your bags and keep an open mind – best stories always start with crazy decisions.
Of course, such an approach can be too much, and, sometimes, it is simply not an option. But that’s not a problem. In today’s globalised world it is very easy to inform oneself about everything you need to know before actually setting out into the wide world. If you are travelling on a budget, a good way to cut corners in the budget is to use sites such as Couchsurfing or Workaway. These sites will give you a chance not only to meet locals and get their perspective of the country you are visiting but also to meet fellow travellers inside the country.
Google is your friend. Through Skyscanner you can find the cheapest flights, will provide you with numerous reviews of hotels and hostels, Tripadvisor will give you ideas for your itineraries, stories from travel blogs such as ours will fill you with the spirit of adventure.

But what it ultimately comes down to is you. Sure those pictures in our news feed seem alluring. Sure they call for action. But we shouldn’t feel rushed or compelled to do anything. Sometimes the best course of action is watching a good documentary. It can quench our thirst for an adventure, or, better yet, make us more determined in our decision.