Three Secluded Travel Destinations for a Quiet Getaway

2020 has proven one of the most challenging years world-wide that many have ever seen. With lockdowns, social distancing and travel bans it is understandable to want to get out and stretch your legs somewhere new. This is on most people’s minds and therefore making many places over-crowded to the point that social distancing is not possible. Here are a few places that should give you some much needed secluded, quiet time to enjoy life with those closest to you:

• Niehku, Lapland, Sweden is a newly opened lodge and a skier’s paradise, in winter months. With a name that means “dream”, in northern Sami, it is perfect for privacy, thrill-seekers and nature lovers. Niehku is housed in a former railway roadhouse, deep in the Arctic Circle between Sweden and Norway. The off-season is great for hiking, cycling, fishing and hunting.

• North Island, Seychelles is an island heaven of insurmountable luxury. Its glittering white sandy beaches, lush green forestry and cyan blue waters promise a quite and romantic getaway. It’s only a 20-minute helicopter ride from the capital of Mahe and offers must-see-it-to-believe-it scenes.

• Ponza, Italy is the largest of the six tiny Pontine Islands, in the Tyrrhenian Sea and very unique exception as Italian islands go. Cars are scarce, Italian is the only language spoken and simplicity rules here. There are no 5-star hotels, there is one main road but the untold beauty here will take your breath away. It embodies greenish-blue waters lapping golden shores that unite with marble grey cliffs below clear blue skies.

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