Do you really save on last minute deals?

Many people choose to book their holiday last minute as they feel they get a better deal than booking in advance, however, there are some downfalls to this method.

Finding a cheap last minute deal isn’t an unrealistic option, however, you may have to make other compromises to achieve a good deal on your holiday. Be leaving your holiday booking until the last minute may mean your desired location is fully booked, meaning you will have to decide on an alternative destination for your holiday.

Although you may find a great hotel deal, you may find flight costs increase the later you leave it. You may also have to choose flights that depart at an awkward time, as the popular timed flights are all fully booked.

If you don’t mind taking these risks, then leaving your holiday booking until last minute is no problem. Some like choosing their holiday destination at random rather than choosing in advance, so in some circumstances it works well.