Coping on a long haul flight

It’s a relief when your flight is booked, your accommodation is planned and your suitcase is packed. Nothing but happiness right? Well, this depends on how far you’re flying. Long haul flights can be difficult to cope with, but we’ve got some tips to help you get through it without any problems.

You will want to have a little plan in place for wasting away a few hours of your flight, and we don’t mean working; staring at word processing documents and spreadsheets may burn up some of those hours, but it does not make them vanish. The best way to burn some time is to watch a TV series or some Hollywood blockbusters. Tow films later and you’ll be 4 hours into your flight. The more films the better we say. You may also want to consider a sleep aid. You can buy natural sleep aids like those including melatonin, or drugs such as Ambien. We recommend you try them before you buy them so you know how well they work. If you don’t like that idea just try to make sure you’re comfortable. Neck cushions are a nice buy, and another tip is to not dress for style, dress for comfort. Think comfy jogging bottoms rather than tight denim jeans.