Checking rules of entry for the country you are visiting

It is always important to do your research before travelling to a new destination. With more travellers wanting to venture further and further, there are new rules for us to follow.

Visas: When entering a new country, it is vital that you check and visa requirements. Some countries such and Thailand allow you to enter by air for 30 days without the requirement of a visa, however, their neighbouring country Laos requires a 30-day visa. Some Visas must be obtained in advance while others can be obtained on arrival. It is always handy to carry some spare passport photos with you for ease of immigration.

Passport: Most countries outside of Europe will require 6 months on your passport on the day of entry into their country, always check your expiry dates especially if you are going on a long adventure. Make sure you have enough full pages available within your passport for visa and stamps as this could cause you to be refused entry.