Being Safe on The Streets of Rome

There are a variety of individuals you may encounter on the street, such as over friendly vendors, unofficial tour guides, and costumed gladiators!

In regards to the street vendors they can, at times, be a tad invasive and forceful. If they become a nuisance, ignore their advances, make very clear you are not interested and keep on walking.

Around monumental sites, especially Vatican City, you may be approached by unofficial tour guides. You are not obligated to pay them anything other than a tip as they are often only scouting tourists to practice their knowledge and expertise on. Regardless of their intention, ask outright if payment is involved, to avoid any potential confusion.

The costumed gladiators outside the Colosseum are definitely a sight worth seeing. However before you have your photograph taken with them, know that a ‘customary fee’ is part of the equation. Many tourists have found themselves in a modern day battle to the tune of five Euros and up. In order to avoid unleashing any pent up, medieval aggression, don’t take any pictures with the gladiators, unless you’re prepared to hand over the funds.