Travel insurance is just as important as remembering your passport

Where ever you decide your next venture is, making sure you are covered by a reliable health insurance is just as important as having your backpack on your back and your passport safe and dry.

Any travellers alike know that travelling is one of the healthiest addictions to have, however, travelling doesn’t come without its risks. Research and planning are essential for optimum safety.

There are many different styles of travelling, whether you choose the luxury route or take is back to basics and sleep beneath the stars, it is recommended that you choose a tour group and guide to take you on your ventures. Tour guides have the knowledge and first aid knowledge needed to keep you safe- plus they know which areas as safe to sleep and which are inhabited by crocodiles at night. Putting your health first is important- make sure you have the fitness level required to trek and partake in activities. Know your limits as you don’t want to have to use your insurance for taking the wrong risks.