Indonesia Travel: Low cost living in Bali

Bali is just one of 17,000 regions that comprise Indonesia and is the most preferred location for holiday markers.

All around the globe, Bali is referred to as a ‘paradise island’ with sunshine drenched coastlines, white sand, great surf spots and friendly communities. When you travel to Bali you will instantly realise prices are not quite as cheap as they once were.

Tourism has picked up here and whilst it’s stupendously cheaper than Australia and New Zealand, it’s pricy compared to Thailand and Vietnam. Don’t get us wrong, Balinese individuals are extremely friendly and they are not out to get you, but you will come across expensive restaurants and costly excursions. Do you homework for cheaper prices, many tourism companies have one time deal and

Although they are accepting of westerners, you will get a better deal if you’re friendlier and attempt to observe their customs – also if you do not get it right, they’ll love your effort. Reaching Bali is fairly straightforward from any nation though a stopover could be cheaper. Make sure you choose the right places when you visit Bali and don’t expect it to be as cheap as it was 5 years ago!