Gap Years – From Australia to New Zealand

So you’ve got your Australian working holiday visa and you’ve spent the best part of the year there, but now you’re ready to head over to New Zealand. What do you need to make it into the country?

This depends on how long you’re planning to stay out there and whether you need to work whilst you’re out there. If you only want to spend a month or two travelling then no problem, a visitor visa for New Zealand is pleasantly easy to sort out if you’re a permanent UK resident. Just turn up at the airport in Christchurch, Auckland or Wellington and hand over your passport, and you’ll get a six-month visitor visa absolutely free! No forms, no hassle, no worries.

You can even extend the length of your stay in New Zealand to up to nine months by contacting the New Zealand Immigration services, but remember you won’t be able to work as this is just a tourist visa. To work and travel, you’ll need to apply for a 1 year or 2 year working holiday visa.