Freelancing Careers that Suit the Frequent Traveller

Some people just have that passion for travel and do not enjoy being in one place too long. Those that want the freedom to roam, need a flexible career that allows them to follow that dream. These types of jobs will most likely increase, due to the increase in home-working flexibility many work environments have had to embrace, since the pandemic. You could even build up a combination of freelancing skills to increase your marketability on the move.

Freelancing Careers for Travel

1. Writing, of any kind, is a great freelance career as it can be completely web based. This could be writing business blogs, articles, social media posts, magazines or pretty much any facet of writing you can imagine.

2. E-Commerce in another great option. There are several online store owner options that could be operated from wherever it is you want to be, such as an Etsy shop owner or Amazon retailer.

3. Photography offers excellent freelancing opportunities, especially since you can sell to travel websites, online magazines, new publications and so much more!

4. Teaching is a great option as online learning continues to expand and if you earn a TEFL certificate you can market yourself almost anywhere as an English teacher/tutor.